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You need a film with the best moments of the year of the team, of your personal carrer, your highlights, you need to present an event or sumarizarize a match...
There are a lot of posibilities to create content in moviemaking. Tell me your plans and I will give you some great ideas.

Iberian Family - CSGO

My main objective with this video was to try to give them more impact on networks to attract the attention of large organizations. This roster had no organization behind. For them it was a tough season since they were without playing and without being paid. This was Highlight's video against MIBR

Mopoz Highlights - CSGO

A little fragmovie of Alejandro Fernández Quejo "Mopoz" from Movistar Riders, probably the best CSGO player in Spain during the season 2020-2021.

Graphic Design

Branding for teams, influencers, players. Nowadays it´s very important to invest in make grow in your personal brand. Let me to help you with my creative 😛

Coming soon...

Social Media

If you need content for social networks. It could provide you with content that your followers feel close to you with.

Coming soon...

For the past eight years I have been involved as freelancer in video editing providing services to cover the marketing needs of companies. I specialized during this time in audiovisual production finishing my higher education. During the last five years I started to grow an interest in esports which has become one of my passions today . Now, I want to mix two of my passions in one and it is, here and now, when I have taken the step to dedicate myself to grow together with esports.

Let’s make great things together

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